Badin: The residents of Badin District traveling on Pangrio – Jhudo road are continuously complaining for road construction but no one is paying attention to public’s demand, Sindh Post has learnt.

According to educated youth of the area a 70 Kilometer road was sanctioned in Pervez Musharraf’s government starting from Badin to Pangrio- Jhudo via Malkani Sharif and a sum of rupees 700 million was also sanctioned but after 2008 elections the contractor is never seen on the site. Locals believe that the amount approved for road construction has leaked through corruption.

A women gave birth to baby on the damaged road, baby did not survive—- Photo Sindh Post

The Sources has informed Sindh post that out of 70 kilometers road 28 kilometers are still pending to be constructed on Pangrio- Jhudo road via Malkani Sharif. The people call it a daily stress while travelling on the road.

A Qingqi driver used temporary way to avoid damaged road

“We can’t even ride a bike on the road” Said Local Sources. The residents have also formed a whats app group to communicate with each other and bring everyone on board to launch a movement for road construction.

Syed Fayaz Shahd Rashidi, a local agriculturist told Sindh Post that its not only a wastage of time but all sectors are being disturbed because of the road. we are  planning a movement and in this regard we will stage a protest on Sunday.

Sindh Government spends billions on road construction every year but majority of funds leak in corruption. This project was started by federal government but after Musharaf’s resignation the democratic government of Sindh  did not bother to even think of the incomplete infrastructure , no one questioned the contractor for leaving incomplete road and making it a mess for the public.