Hyderabad: (Staff Reporter) The Environment protection agency in Hyderabad Sindh has sealed the Pepsi Plant over the charges of throwing untreated plant waste in Phuleli canal, Sindh Post has learnt.

The Environment Protection agency has started a major operation on the directions of Supreme court’s  Judicial commission who recently visited Hyderabad Water Supply and drainage facilities. In their remarks the commission clearly said that the untreated waste is being thrown in canal system that turns drinking water into poison for the public.

The Director EPA Muneer Abbasi while talking to media said that the plant officials tried to resist the government orders through use of force. He said that the plant was already notified many times but the officials under the supervision of General Manager Rashid Sethar never complied with agency’s notices.

We are now clearly told by the commission to seal all plants of the area who have no treatment plants for their waste before draining it. There are more than 300 factories without treatment plant in the industrial zone of Hyderabad, none of them will be spared said Abbasi.

Sources Told Sindh Post that the plant is made operational again and the seal is broken without government’s permission. According to Pakistan law company may face legal charges in terms of not complying with the law and breaking law by de sealing the plant without government permission.

Hyderabad is the second biggest populous city of Sindh Province in Pakistan where public is drinking toxic water.