ISLAMABAD: An auction to sell buffaloes, allegedly bought to cater to the former Prime Minister’s love for desi food were sold in a bidding.

The auction is underway as the first buffalo was sold in an access of 3 lakh rupees.

A total of 8 buffaloes are up for the taking in a hotly contested auction.

In the first phase of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s austerity drive, 61 out of 102 vehicles put up for sale were sold earlier this month.

The government had later decided to also auction four helicopters under the use of the Cabinet Division.

In a message on Twitter,PM Imrans Special Assistant for Political Affairs Naeemul Haque said the surplus helicopters to be sold are not being used by the Cabinet Division. He further said the eight buffaloes will be auctioned as well.

PM Imran, in his first address to the nation, had emphasized on cost-cutting for the government expenditure and as a measure had announced the auction of surplus PM House vehicles.