KARACHI: (Report-Imtiaz Mastoi) Police on Friday arrested one of its cop identified as Ashraf under anti-terrorism charges for his involvement in contracting a kidnapping for the sake of ransom.

As per details, police on a complaint filed by a woman named Rabia for the kidnapping of her husband Naveed arrested one of its cops named Ashraf while five others including ASI Nadeem and Irfan managed to escape.

Rabia registered a case into the kidnapping of his husband in Pakistan Bazaar police station.

The complainant told the police that her husband was arrested by a band of five to six people in a police vehicle on October 27. However, they released the latter a day after the incident but demanded a ransom of Rs0.3 million from them.

To which, we negotiated with them that we are poor and cannot afford to pay such a big amount and agreed to pay them an amount of Rs25,000 to the kidnappers, the complainant told.

We paid them the agreed amount after four days of the incident and marked the currency notes while a police party of Pakistan Bazar station arrived during the exchange and arrested a cop named Ashraf while other accomplices of the arrested cop managed to escape from the scene, she added.

Meanwhile, the kidnappers also robbed their house a few days ago and looted an amount of Rs0.25 million from their home, Rabia concluded.