PADIDAN: Police claimed to have arrested the prime suspect of the murder of a Padidan Press Club journalistAli Sher Rajpar, adding that a first information report (FIR) has been filed against six suspects, four of whom have been named here on Monday.

A case was filed on behalf of the deceased’s brother, Daud Rajpar, the FIR names four suspects, including Padidan Town Committee Chairman Shakeel Ahmed Rajpar, Habeeb Rajpar, Nazar Muhammad, and Ghulam Ali, as well as two unidentified people.

Police have captured Habeeb Rajpar out of six suspects, police noted, adding that the gun suspected to have been used to murder the journalist was also recovered.

According tothe deceased’s brother, Daud Rajpar,Padidan Town Committee Chairperson Shakeel Ahmed Rajpar used to threaten the late journalist over reporting corruption-related news.

The late journalist, who used to work for a Sindhi daily paper, was laid to rest in Goth Saleh Rajpar.

Journalists and media personnel staged protests in various cities against Rajpar’s murder and, in general, the targetting of reporters in Pakistan. Further, the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) and the Sukkur Union of Journalists condemned the murder ofAli Sher Rajpar, with the former demanding immediate arrest of suspects.