KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) lawmakers Firdous Shamim Naqvi and Haleem Hadil Sheikh by defending Faorgh Nasim’s demand of imposing article-149 (4) in the metropolis on Thursday said that those journalists who are criticizing the demand can’t they see the horrific conditions of Thatta and other cities of the province.

Talking to media in Karachi in joint-press conference PTI leaders Haleem Adil Sheikh, Firdous Shamim and Khurram Sher Zaman said that a suggestion has been proposed for the implementation of article-149 (4) and they support the proposed implementation.

Haleem Adil Sheikh on this occasion said, “We have already formed ‘Naya Pakistan’ and formation of ‘Naya Sindh’ and ‘Naya Karachi’ is on the cards.”

“Imran Khan is a Messiah of the country,” he added.

“A committee is being formed for reviewing Karachi’s situation and TORs will be formed for improving city’s conditions,” he further added.

“Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is playing Sindh card to hide its failure, however, the imposition of article-149 (4) is not martial law,” he concluded.

However, Haleem Adil kept on repeating that he is not against the division of the province during the presser but later on Firdous Shamim rectified him and said that his party was against the division of Sindh.

Meanwhile, Firdous Shamim said, “PPP is ruling the province since the past 12 years and it has failed to live up to the expectations of the masses.”

“Karachi is the crown of country and the province and its issues should be resolved by any means,” he added.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered to propose suggestions for the betterment of Karachi as a better Karachi is necessary for better Sindh,” he further added.

By criticising Sindhi Media and journalists he said, “Can’t they see the situation of Thatta and other cities.”

“Why don’t they ask resignation from PPP-led provincial government rather than demanding resignation from Farogh Naseem,” he concluded.