Florida, USA (Shoukat Zardari): Sindh’s Public health engineering department is mastered in corruption engineering in various projects in the province, Sindh post has learned.

Public health engineering dept holds multi billion development funds for improving water supply, drainage and sanitation issues in the province. Because of lack of attention by higher authorities the contractors seem reluctant to utilize actual funds on the schemes announced by the government.

According to development budget statistics in volume V of the provincial Budget, the department has spent 29.616 million Rupees as of June 17 on the removal of hazardous dirty water logging / seepage water accumulated behind village Bakhar Jamali, Taluka Saeedabad, but actual on ground situation tells a totally different story.

This scheme was approved by Sindh government in 2012 with a total estimated cost of Rs. 59.968 million, whereas till June 2016 the actual expenditure is shown by19 million rupees, an additional amount of 10 million was allocated for the year ended June 2017.

The government’s budget book shows that the project is completed by 49% and will be 100% completed¬† by June 2018.

According to local sources the on ground work is an evidence of corruption in the project and the residents of Bakhar Jamali have also complained on various forums regarding the stagnant water situation.

The current situation of the project is not satisfactory and the installed machines are already out of order. The low quality pipes are also rusted and there is no electricity installed in the machine room. The entire project seems a jackpot for the local officials and contractors, a resident told Sindh Post.

Reliable sources told Sindh Post that the contractor is a blue eyed of the local politicians of the area and have no interest in the project other than taking his share of corruption, as the dept also seems ignorant and giving projects to politically influenced contractors.

Sindh post tried to seek the official comments of the Minister Public Health dept Mr. Fayyaz Butt, his phone went unattended due to busy schedule of preparations of Party chairman’s arrival in Dadu District.