Islamabad: Quaid e Azam University Islamabad administration announced closure  of the university after students from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh got into a fight on Tuesday evening, Sindh Post has learnt.

According to sources a student of first year  from Sindh (name not known yet) was wheeling on his car in the university premises, he was asked by a group of Pathan students not to do that but on his refusal they started beating him up.

After the incident the student rushed to his friends and told them the story. After listening about the incident the sindhi students responded with same type of violence and injured three students of the other group.

late night Pathan students again responded and beat up  Sindhi students and injured them. According to journalist Husun Abbas’s facebook status the injured Sindhi students include Shams Chandio, Tariq Metlo, Hafeez Seelro, Asif Tatri, Ravi Kumar, Rahib Bhutto, Kamran Rind, Ahsan Bhand and  Siraj Depar،

A Sindhi Student showing injuries

As per recent reports all Sindhi students have vacated the hostels as they think their list is given to the Pathan students and administration is not being fair with Sindhi students on the matter.

Hostel room of Sindhi Students after attack

There are almost 500 Sindhi students in different departments of the university. A student while talking to Sindh post feared that the issue may increase further and they have a clear life threat in the hostel, he said.

An injured student Abdul Hafeez Seelro on his Facebook showed his anger and demanded the same response to Pathan students in the universities of Sindh. ” How come you demand negotiations when Sindhi students have spent night on the streets of Islamabad?, I demand same response in Sindh against Pathans”. He wrote.