KARACHI: Sindh CM Syed Murad Ali Shah on Monday expressed his concerns over controversial role of police in the investigations of Irshad Ranjhani Murder Case.

During his address in Sindh Assembly, the CM said, “we are working on a law to give medical aid to injured before registering any case on the other hand a person left injured for an hour on the ground and later he was taken to police station”.

“Department’s performance was very controversial in the case, if requires I will myself register a case against those who supports brutal murder of Ranjhani,” he said.

“Police need reforms, all policemen are not same they needed to be thought humanity,” he added.

“A serious violation of humanitarian standards can be seen in Irshad Ranjhani’s incident, no leniency will be given to anyone,” said CM Sindh.

“Police officials are involved in the incident, he was declared a robber before any investigation,” concluded Murad.