(Report: Shoukat Zardari) The Reform Support Unit (RSU) of Sindh education department has shown big negligence in reforming the schools in Sindh. The allocated budget did not give fruitful results as per expected by the government, Sindh Post has learnt.

According to sources, Sindh government allocated 4.5 billions rupees under the school specific budget head and 1.5 billion rupees for School management committees (SMC’s) every year. In last four years the department has not only failed to utilize allocated 18 billion rupees but a huge corruption is also seen in the SMC funds as 90% of Schools have non existing school management committees.

Moreover, the sources claimed that the chief program officer for RSU Mr. Faisal Uqaili is a political appointee and holding the position against the supreme court orders since last four years. The Department under his super vision is being run as a family business as many employees are hired on the basis of favoritism and family relations, Sources claimed.

Sindh government’s school consolidation program started this year with a special budget allocation of 1.5 billion rupees  is also about to fail because of personal favors by the department head. To accommodate the wife of a brother of former Sec Education Aziz Uqaili, Mr. Faisal Uqaili  de-notified the school campus on the will of said women employee as she was not comfortable with working in that specific school, Source revealed.

Mr Faisal has also appointed his brother in law as admin manager and his sister in law enjoys the post of communication manager.  His sister in law have also un official HR powers and Since Mr, Asghar Soomro exposed the department’s inefficiency, the private policy of Mr. Uqaili has put an unofficial ban on recruiting Sindhis in the department.

The favoritism does not end here, recently he has increased the salaries of some blue eyed from 10000 to 50000, which clearly indicates that how public money is being spent for protecting the un identified corruption in the department, claimed the inside source.

Sindh Post tried to get the opinion of Mr. Faisal Uqaili regarding the story, despite of several attempts, his phone was unattended and messages were not responded.