HYDERABAD: Sindh High Court on Wednesday sought past ten years records of varsity’s funds from the administration of the Mehran University of Engineering Science and Technology (MUET).

SHC heard a case pertaining to a plea filed by the university staffers over alleged embezzlement in the varsity’s funds by the administration.

As the hearing went underway, Vice-Chancellor Aslam Uqaili, Director Finance and others appeared before the court.

The court during the hearing in its remarks questioned the Vice-Chancellor that they were ordered to submit a record of the previous 10 years while they are just presenting a record of the past two years.

To which, the Vice-Chancellor in his response told the court that university’s previous record wasn’t computerized and we could only manage to maintain the record of past two years which we are submitting before the court.

At which, the court by ordered to produce a record of past 10 years within the next two days adjourned the case’s hearing.