Hamid Mir is a Pakistani journalist, news anchor and an author.

Shehbaz Sharif must be thankful to National Accountability Bureau

The anti-graft body has done an unprecedented service that
could not be done by someone else even in worth billion of rupees. As
the outbreak of deal rumors surfaced in national media, following the
release of Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Captain Safdar, the
more dust to the wound was added by silly claims made by Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) aide Rana Mashhood.

Mashhood, claiming a compromise reached between military establishment and Sharif family; rather it was manifestation of over efficiency and played the role of a folly friend. However, his adventurism was dismissed by his own party seeking explanations and by
suspending his party membership.

But, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was a bit edgy and was rather concerned over the claims made by PML(N) stalwart. The shock waves of a possible deal between Military establishment and Sharif family raised questions in the ranks of PTI, which uptil now have not been challenged in terms of struggle for power.

Shehbaz was marked as the main culprit behind designing the Deal Mantra, however, if he had to surrender before the powers that be for any deal, he would have chosen this path before elections. Many PML(N) so called flag bearers of resistance, before elections in a dark spread night used to disclose information related to Nawaz Sharif is now a open secret for everyone. Not today, but any random day for sure the beans will be spilled as who within the ranks of PMLN played its role in disseminating secret information.

The mystery will be resolved for once and for all. Moreover, it will also be revealed that if Shehbaz would have wanted, he could have easily become the premier of Pakistan. He remained adamant to his stance that whatever he claimed for.

He was out right in terms of narrative and in honoring his word, whether in a broad day light or in dark nights. Shehbaz was out-numbered by his own flag bearers of resistance in PMLN, who made the former a escape goat accusing him of playing double games.

When asked to them that why they dont they quit Double standards, they always responded that if Shebaz breaks the chain of seeking pleasures from the powers that be, then they would also raise voice against Nawaz.

The former chief minister was not an accomplice of Nawazs narrative, who sought confrontation against army and judiciary. Meanwhile, he refused to disobey, rebel against his own brother. He was advised to lead the partys decision making, by silently sidelining Nawaz, which went in vain.

When Nawaz returned to Pakistan, on 13 th July, he led the PML(N) workers to Lahore Airport in welcoming him. But failing to reach airport on time, and subsequent Nawazs arrest once again gave prominence to the calls of conspiracy theorists that the Deal has been made.

The mystery of Deal was shattered when Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf rose to power. When Shehbaz as an opposition leader was invited at GHQ, on 6 th September (Defence Day Celebration) along with prime minister Imran Khan and COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa, once again the deal mantra lived up. Shehbaz was seen with more suspicion than ever.

The suspicion against Shehbaz escalated when Nawaz was released. Shehbaz is the opposition leader in the National Assembly and PTI refused to following parliamentary norms by permitting the former to chair Public Accounts Committee (PAC), but his own party stalwarts used to hint which implicated that Shehbaz is still in search for a possible

Concocted stories were designed to tarnish the love relationship between Shehbaz and his elder brother Nawaz. The stories makers were dammed when NAB nabbed the PML(N)
president, putting a full stop over baseless deal narratives.

One PTI MNA asked me that when NAB would release Shehbaz? I replied now they will not acquit him. The MNA was skeptical, and asserted that Shehbaz will be out within few hours. The hours came and went, and Shebaz was not released, as now he has been handed over to NAB for 10 days remand removing the stains of planning deal and disloyalty with elder Sharif.

NAB emerged as an angel of mercy for Shehbaz. Shehbaz always insisted before Nawaz to leave the path chosen of confrontation against institutions and always believed in reconciliation. Shehbaz did not validate the confrontational politics, however his advocacy for settlement of affairs mitigated following the July 25 th elections.

Now lastly, after sudden Shehbazs arrest it will be claimed that Nawazs narrative was right and Shehbaz was on wrong end. Nawaz achieved success through his narrative and over-night Shehbaz also became a martyr. With all due respect Shehbaz must not denounce but rather say Thank You to NAB for making him the Mard-e-Hur.

The same NAB which was constituted in Nawaz second term (1997) was used later to change political loyalties. The same NAB was used against Asif Ali Zardari, and this sinful eyes have seen itself that Saif-ur Rehman bowing before the former seeking apologies. Later Musharraf used NAB to serve him, now he could not dare to return Pakistan. The sudden arrest of Shehbaz has cleaned him from everyDeal allegations and let me say that in Naya Pakistan the same old tactics of Purana Pakistan is being practiced.

The PTI government must remember that what they are sowing , they shall reap one day by politically victimizing their opponents.


By: | Hamid Mir |