KARACHI: (Aftab Channa) Secretary of the Sindh Assembly Ghulam Muhammad Umar Farooq Buriro seems reluctant to either determine seniority and promotion of senior officer Muhammad Khan Rind, who was repatriated to assembly secretariat on orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan with assurance that his fundamental rights shall be preserved, despite lapse of more than five months, it has emerged.

In this regard, Muhammad Khan Rind, Assistant Secretary BS-17, who has forwarded couple of letters to the Secretary and other higher ups, however no one is ready to pay any heed to his repeated correspondence. And this time too, Muhammad Khan Rind has submitted one more reminder with the office of the Secretary Sindh Assembly, a copy of which is exclusively available with Sindh Post.

“With reference to my applications dated 7.7.2017 followed by reminder dated 20.3.2017, 27.2.2017, 2.3.2017, 6.3.2017 and 13.3.2017 addressed to Secretary Sindh Assembly on the subject referred above. I once again invite your kind honor’s attention that in pursuance of order dated 22.2.2017 passed in CMA No 1171-K of 2016 by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan followed by notification dated 22.2.2017 issued by worthy Chief Secretary, Sindh, I have been repatriated to the provincial assembly and has joined my duties as Assistant Secretary BS-17”, says the letter.

“It is stated earnestly that in the order dated 22.2.2017 of Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan as well as the Notification dated 22.2.2017, I am entitled to the seniority and promotion with my batch mates as if I was never transferred or absorbed in any other department.

It is regretted that despite lapse of about five months no steps with regard to determination of my seniority and promotion have been taken by Secretary Sindh Assembly for the reasons best known to him. It is very strange to mention here that still my charge assumption notification has not been issued and thus I am being deprived of my salary. The salary is not the bounty of state. It is my legal, legitimate, fundamental and constitutional right. The stoppage of my salary of tantamount to forced labor which is expressly prohibited by the various Articles of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973”, the letter added.

“I therefore once again request you to issue requisite notification of assumption of charge, release of my salary, determine my seniority position and I may be given promotion to the higher rank with my batch mates as ordered by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan”, the letter concluded.

While talking to Sindh Post, Muhammad Khan Rind stated that G M Umar Farooq Buriro was appointed as Assistant Research Officer (BS-16) on January 18, 2006, he was again appointed as Assistant Secretary (BS-17) on May 24, 2006 with two other officers Mrs Siraj Fatima and Muhammad Qasim Mangrio who are still working in BS-18 however Mr Buriro is working in BS-21 illegally. Special Secretary Shafi Muhammad Abbasi was also appointed as Reporter (BS-17), regularized in 2006 from 2002 and now working in BS-20 within five years illegally from Ex-Cadre post of Reporter.

“As per Sindh Assembly recruitment rules the reporter will promote after ten years of service as Assistant Secretary but he was promoted directly as Additional Secretary from Reporter which is also illegal and in violation of all rules. S M Hassan Shah, Additional Secretary BS-20 was appointed on August 11, 2006 in BS-17 as Assistant Secretary and got Grade 20 within five years of service on out-of-turn basis while his seniors including Siraj Fatima and Muhammad Mangrio were appointed on May 24, 2006 as Assistant Secretary BS-17 and they are still in BS-18”, Mr Rind added.

“I was Assistant Secretary BS-17 from March 15, 2003 and three years senior from all the above named officers. In case no fruitful action is taken within one week time with regard to implementation of the judgment/order dated 22.2.2017, I would be left with no other option except to knock at the doors of Supreme Court of Pakistan for initiating contempt proceedings against the officer/officials concerned”, he vowed.