NEW DELHI: Sindh-born renowned Indian lawyer Ram Jeth Malani on Sunday passed away at the age of 95.

As per details, Ram Jeth Malani was born on 1923 in Sindh’s Shikarpur district and acquired his law degree from Karachi’s SC Shahani Law College and initiated his practice in the metropolis along with his childhood friend AK Brohi.

Malani never wanted to leave Pakistan but his colleague and childhood friend AK Brohi convinced him to move to India as the conditions deteriorated following partition.

Despite his political affiliations with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) he strongly opposed the Modi-led government’s decision of revoking article 370 of the Indian constitution.

He also remained Law & Rural Development Minister in Atal Biharis tenure.

The renowned lawyer married to two women named as Durga and Ratna in his life and was known as Dada among his friends and family.

The late lawyer always recalled memories of Karachi and his hometown Shikarpur in his gathering and could still speak Sindhi fluently.

Ram Jeth Malani passed away earlier today at his residence in New Delhi.