Jamshoro: Sindh Post’s public voice team recieved the following letter from the students of environmental sciences department of Sindh University. They claimed that they have been writing to the management since last one year but no one heard their cries.

Sindh Post is sharing this letter without any alteration to it, the content of the letter read as,

The Vice chancellor.
University of Sindh Jamshoro.

Subject: Request for emergency checkout the problems of Centre for Environmental Sciences.

Respected Sir,
With due respect, we students of Centre for Environmental Sciences are enlisting our problems to you honourable sir.
First of all, the directress of Centre for Environmental Sciences, Dr Khalida faryal Almani (PhD in Pharmacy) has implemented her own system of conducting the final examination. She has taken the exam in objectives i.e. MCQs, Fill I the blanks and true false in final semester examination in her tenure of 2016. Two semesters of each batch i.e. 2K13,2K14,2K15,2K16 have given exam in objectives. By this examination system she has given favour to her loving students in all batches. Even the 1st ranking university of Pakistan, the Quaid-e-Azam University do not conduct in this way. We don’t know which education system our directress is following or what she wants to implements. In this examination system most of the students are affected receiving C and D grades except her favourite students.

Secondly, there is no system of attendance in our department. Those who don’t even know the names of subjects are allowed to sit in the exam hall. Mostly students of our department do not attend classes as administrations are not making them bound and we have no system of check and balance. Students of Centre for Environmental Sciences are working in different sectors on full time basis but no one queries. What to say about students, our teachers do not take class regularly on time specially Miss Saima Chandio, we are requesting you sir please arrange a heater for her as it is too cold in our department now a days as she is unable to stand in classes. We have an experience of 4 years she just threatens the CRs of Centre for Environmental Sciences just to give up the attendance of students written on a rough page.

Thirdly, we have three faculty members in Centre for Environmental Sciences who are irrelevant to our studies and we are very much surprised how higher authorities have given permission to them to ruin our future.
1. Dr Khalida Faryal Almani (PhD in Pharmcy)
2. Dr Abdul Aziz Mastoi (PhD in Chemistry)
3. Mr Zameer Ali Palh (MSc Fresh water and biology)

Its very sad to say that these personalities of Centre for Environmental Sciences teach different major subjects to all batches. I think you would also be amazed to know that Dr Almani being PhD in pharmacy taught Occupational Health and Safety, Analytical techniques in Environmental Sciences etc and students don’t get anything about practical knowledge except study materials in multimedia slides. Its not enough Dr Mastoi being PhD in Chemistry taught subject related to our major subjects ,social sciences and development like Environmental Sampling and instrumentation, Introduction to Economic and Sustainable Development, Urban planning and management and Environmental Anthropology etc. Mr Palh being MSc Fresh water and biology taught major subject of Fundamental of Ecology, Applied Ecology And Environmental law and policies etc. what a fate we are having????

Fourthly, worthy sir the curriculum which is taught in Centre for Environmental Sciences is totally opposite to the designed curriculum of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Teaching faculty do not provide the Curriculum of HEC to the students but do write the topics of their choice. Respected Sir bachelors batch was started in 2013. We beg you to check out the academic records i.e. questions papers, practical journal and answer copies. You will get what they taught and did the practical experiments. We have attached question papers as an evidence.
We have other Research Associate Mr Mohammad Ali Bhatti who taught different subject like Aquatic Pollution and control, Solid waste management and Risk Assessment etc.
In Aquatic pollution and control Mr Bhatti taught Soil and Noise pollution (question paper attached), in waste management subject favourite topics were taught and in Risk assessment he taught toxicology etc. no relevant study is being conducted in Centre for Environmental Sciences up to yet sir. Is there any one to question them. Last year in Prime Minister internship program, the interns were forced to conducted classes. Worthy sir every father relies on their child, what we will do in our practical life having a piece of paper with no excellence?? Prevent students from ruining sir please.
Last year there was a student from MSc Mr Shafique Ahmed S/o Lakhi Khaskheli, he was terrorised by our director and teaching faculty that final results were not given to him for 9 months as other favourable students of his class was fail. Finally, he went to the Honourable court and filled a petition against university administration and got justice. We have attached court reports.This is a proof of terrorism done by our directress and faculty members. Worthy Sir last time students were terrorised by administration for crying for these problems. Now they have ruined our future by such acts that they did. Save future of upcoming generation sir. When students tried to come on air previously vice chancellor secretariat directly provided name of students to the directress. We are informing your sir to please take a notice and judge by yourself this whole scenario. If not, then we will also proceed to honourable courts for legal procedures and to international and national media.

We believe our request will be considered and safety measure will be taken to save the future for students of Centre for Environmental Sciences.

Yours obediently
Students of Centre for Environmental
Sciences, University of Sindh.