New York (Shoukat Zardari): Sindhi Adabi Sangat celebrated Sindhi Sunday today here in Queens New York.

The Organizer of Sindhi Adabi Sangat Dr. Sarang Ansari while Talking to Sindh Post said that the Sindhi Nationa and its culture is thousands of years old but Since last 9 years we have started velebrating it annually with the name of Sindhi Sunday.

Sindhi’s celebrating Sindhi Sunday in New York


We want our new generation to remeber this day as sindhi sunday and every year the first Sunday of December must be celebrated with the colors of culture of Sindh.

Cake Cutting ceremony of 9th Sindhi Sunday in New York

He also distributed tofees and choclates as to make it a tradition of the day.

The program was attended by Sindhi and Baloch leaders from Pakistan and Iran.

Mr Amanullah Naroi, the baloch leader from Iran appriciated the efforts of Sindhi people living abroad for their love with the culture.

An other baloch leader, Agha Dilsoz congratulated Sindhi Adabi Sangat for the event in the heart of USA and also emphasized on arranging such gatherings for filling the gap between Sindhis and Balochs.

The other participants included Dr Hyder Lashari, Mr Atta Vistro,  Mr Shareef Bhanbhro,  Mr. Adeel Baloch Mr. Sharjeel Soomro, Mr. Sarwan Ansari and Mr Zahid Abdullah.