Waseem Palijo

Hindus are small business and money minded community, located in both Pakistan and India; onset, in Pakistan they live in Sindh and Baluchistan provinces and in India they settled after partition in different provinces and cities, even they are scattered in entire India & far from each other. After partition they were reluctant to leave Sindh due to their love with this land, so a year later,  in January, 1948 religious riots erupted on the streets of Karachi and hastily broke into all over Sindh, which led them to leave their motherland.

However by driving in herds,  ships, air and railways, some of them directly settled in U.S, Canada, England and other countries but majority migrated  to India and many were killed by Muhajir (immigrants, who escaped India) Muslims.

This community is culturally different from other Hindus as they have centuries old language, culture, traditions, cultural God like Jhuly Lal, norms, Mystical lifestyle even they dine with their Sindhi Muslim friends without grudge. If we talk about the business and economy then this community is at a highest pitch. By leaving their people, blood-relatives, land, culture, language, properties and assets behind they did not sit quietly, they were in plight and many educated people lived in a misery life in refugee camps in India and other countries & many died due to lack of medical treatment in refugee camps, albeit they didn’t gave up, it became their target to enter in the world of enterprise and this community exerted in business, some started business by selling toffees, chocolates and snacks in trains and many others launched the carts & push carts on the streets of Mumbai & in entire India. The outcomes they got after many years, and today they all are very well known business class personalities of India and Middle-east, Europe.

Karachi, Hyderabad and Bombay(Mumbai) was the center of Sindhi-Hindus for trade in the entire world. These international cities were also built by Sindhi Hindus, they used to import and export the goods, households, cotton & etc. Before Karachi, Hyderabad and Bombay, they also traded from Thatta’s port, the richest city which had been the trading partner of Muscat and marketplace, which remained the trading center in 12th century and then it was Shikarpur which opened the paths for Sindhi-Hindu merchants in rest of the world. By taking advantage of sea roots many Sindhi-Hindus established their businesses in Middle-east, India, China, Spain, Italy, and Japan, Sindhi-Hindus were well educated than Sindhi-Muslims.

The people who suffered trauma after partition, drove the taxi’s on roads, sold goods in trains, launched carts on the streets of Mumbai and other parts of India, started selling snacks on bi-cycles, established small shops in middle-east, china, Spain, England, are now the billionaires of today’s world. Like, Micky Jagtiani who drove the taxi in London now he is the middle-eastern billionaire, he is a college dropout, and started his career from a small baby product shop, today he is the owner of Landmark Group, landmark group has many departmental stores in different countries of the world just like India, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and others. Niranjan Hiranandani is a real estate businessman, billionaire of India, and Owner of Hiranandani Group. He started his career from a textile weaving unit. One of my Facebook friend asked me, ‘do you know that in 1970 a Sindhi use to sell Pani Puri on the roads of Mumbai, now he is the millionaire and owner of 3 Marla hotel in Bandra named Elco Pani Puri Bandra, which is very famous in Mumbai, even many Bollywood superstars go there to enjoy the taste ’.

Business is the first priority of Sindhi-Hindus, beside business they are part of Bollywod . There are many famous Sindhi superstars and celebrities in Bollywood. Kareena Kapoor’s mother Babita kapoor is a Sindhi, she originally belongs to Burns road Karachi, Director of Sholay Movie G.P Sippy, Rajkumar Hirani director of P.K movie originally belongs to Mehrabpur Sindh, singer Vishal Dadlani, actresses Preeti Jhangiani, Kaira Advani, Hansika Motvani, Tamannha Bhatia and many others, actors like Ranveer Singh Bhavnani, Jacky Bhagnani are also Sindhis who made their career in film industries.


Note: The writer is a student of BS Media studies at Sindh Madaressatul Islam University, Karachi.