Web Desk: Massive negligence and apparent fraudulent practices are again being reported in the infamous Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC).

It has been surfaced that the institution formed to ensure meritorious appointments on public service positions is selling the jobs on a pre-described amount of money.

This time the Rate List has been exposed in SPSC for the purpose to sell jobs. According to rate list, one can buy the post of Assistant Commissioner for Rs15 million.

Similarly, one can get the post of Drug Inspector for Rs40 million. SPSC Chairman Noor Ahmed and his team have ruined the future of competent candidates.

Corruption and favouritism are on the rise in SPSC. Chairman Noor Ahmed has facilitated his relatives to pass the exams.

The SPSC chief facilitated his brother to clear the exams. SPSC member Haresh Chand facilitated his brother in the exams. Another commission member Saindad Solangi got his son and two daughters appointed illegally.

The appointment of Saindad Solangi himself in Sindh is also illegal. Solangi was appointed as SPSC member after getting resigned from Chief Engineer post.

Another commission member Abid Shah was appointed illegally by Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Sheikh. Abid Shah is facing a probe by NAB and was also imprisoned in past.

Similarly, commission members Shabir Sheikh and Sadiq Memon are also facing NAB inquiry.

Earlier, massive negligence and apparent fraudulent practices were reported in the SPSC. It seems that Sindh govt has totally failed to check corruption and irregularities in SPSC.

The upcoming CCE2019 Exam is scheduled to be conducted in one center. Making it more difficult for candidates to travel and stay in Hyderabad for 15 days.

This also proves that the commission wants to discourage the candidates from poor families.