Beautiful, thats all you need to hear sometimes to have your day made by someone. Its one of the best compliments one can get. Praises by the people for how fresh your skin looks or for that in-shaped body of yours and the list just goes on.

But then one day you get acne on your skin, maybe you ate a lot of chocolates on the weekend. You start to gain belly fat too, for not hitting the gym regularly in the past months. So are you still beautiful? Or were those aspects beautiful that you used to possess? If so, isnt beauty supposed to be everlasting and not fading away by time?

Physical beauty is too overrated these days. As quickly as it fades, it also fades away the people from your life that admire you just because of it. In reality, what makes someone beautiful is her or her inner self, the person you are from the inside because thats the never-fading beauty.

The heart that beats inside your Chest, the love it has for the people around you, the sadness it shares with the people that are in grief, the joy it gets by seeing others happy, that is what makes you beautiful.

Even the smallest bit of attributes can make you look beautiful. It could be the way you treat people around you, or how you pass a smile to everybody when you greet them, how gentle you are with handling things and much more.

What really impresses people and the thing that earns you their love and respect is how sweet and careful you are while interacting with them. How you ignore their mistakes and appreciate the good things about them. Nobody is perfect after all.

Your kind words can win you peoples hearts, and thats an everlasting impression upon them. A good conversation with someone is all it takes you to make them remember you for long. Be wise and choosy about what words to use while talking to people, especially the ones youre interacting for the very first time.

It doesnt have to be your pretty face, your glowing skin, your fair complexion and all that to make you beautiful for someone. Youre beautiful in unknowing ways; all it takes is a proper set of eyes to see the inner beauty you possess. We all have been created with different gifts that make us special from others, and at the same time make us beautiful.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a very famous and true saying explaining that outer beauty is subjective. That means what one finds beautiful doesnt necessarily have to be beautiful for the other.

So if you are confused about what to look for while choosing a friend or a life partner for yourself. See how you get along with them. See if you guys can communicate with each other nicely, or if you can share silences with each other comfortably. Dont consider how that person looks from the outside, because that beauty fades away by time. See if that person has a good heart because thats something that stays for life.

Author: Taha Jameel