By: | Hamid Mir |

The world is changing rapidly but we are not ready to transform ourselves. The Unites States, which has labeled Taliban a terrorist group following 9/11 is now trying to find re-conciliation with the same terrorist group. But we are only bothered and concerned over the theories which suggest that Nawazs release from jail was the result of any compromise/deal? And How Nawaz should be incarcerated again?

Furthermore, how Asif Ali Zardari should be confined to Punjabs jail instead of Sindh so that he does not get any comfort. Taliban and and US can sit on one table to settle differences, but Shehbaz Sharif cant be made a chairman of Public Accounts Committee, because the original place for opposition leaders is not the National Assembly but the jails. Apparently, the peace talks held in Moscow between Afghan Taliban- USA and political atmosphere in Pakistan is quite changed, but if we seek to learn, from US, Russia and Taliban we can learn many things.

It was the same Russia which crowned Dr. Najeebullah Ahmed Zai to power, but when Taliban took the former to gallows, the same US along with Russia denounced Taliban for that atrocity. Then the US and Russia colluded with the help of Northern Alliance, tried to put end to Talibans terror. When The Talibans resistance was not ended then Pakistan was blamed over assisting the former.

India was leading the campaign to defame Pakistan on International forums, but on 9th November all the apparent warring parties: USA, Russia, India, Afghanistan, China, and Iran were seated with Afghan Taliban in Moscow peace conference. Reluctant Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani sent a 4 member delegation of Amn Council. In this delegation, Habeeba Saraabi, woman was also the part representing the peace council. Ashraf Ghani thought that by sending Habbea Saraabi, the Afghan Taliban would refuse to sit but the latter led by Muhammad Abbas Stankzai adopted the same view which was initiated by Mullah Omar, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor and now the view is being held by Mullah Haibatullah Akhunzadah, that unless the the foreign army does not leave Afghanistan there is no sustainable peace in the region.

Afghan Taliban welcomed the sitting with Peace Council members but they were not willing to sit with members of Ashraf Ghani’s government representatives. Habiba Sarabi asked the Taliban why they did not bring a woman along for the talks? The Taliban retorted, why don’t you represent us?

Jog your memory, in April 1988 Pakistan and Afghanistan signed the Geneva accord according to which Russia had given a time frame of removal of soviet forces from Afghanistan. At the time the Afghan Mujahideen had refused talks with the government and also negated the treaty. Today, Taliban is refusing to hold talks with the representatives of the government. The Taliban claim that the Kabul regime is infact a proxy of the Americans that is why we will only hold talks with the American government. America has been trying to erase its enemies with the help of drones and continued to hold talks with the terrorists but now, an American ambassador Zalmay Khalil Zad sometimes in Qatar and the others in Russia is seen holding talks and exchanging smiles with the same terrorists.

The Taliban have not changed their stance. America and Russia have moved back and changed their stances, the development of a changed stance is a welcomed stance. The point to ponder is that even to this date Afghan Taliban and American Forces are fighting against one another but to promote a situation of peace and tranquility in the region both are holding table talks aswell. We have a lesson to learn from the debacle, how a country embroiled and at war with someone is willing to bow down and compromise for a greater cause and we can even involve our allies to sit in and get involved. Taliban and America are involved in life threatening assaults on each other but are still holding talks. Pakistan’s government and opposition’s difference is completely political then why are they not willing to work together for the economic and regional prosperity of Pakistan?

If a person finds this good or bad, the fact of the matter is, Afghan Taliban and American table talks are the victory for Imran Khan’s stance on holding table talks with the Taliban, a view he used to express and was called a Taliban sympathizer for it. Hence he was even named ‘Taliban Khan’ by Liberal Fascists. The weird thing is, that Imran Khan who used to to a proponent of holding table talks and conflict resolution with the Taliban is today opposing the same process of reconciliation with the opposition.

Few years back they used to call Pervez Elahi thief and Sheikh Rasheed an unoffending person. They did an NRO with Pervez Elahi and Sheikh Rasheed, but they are not ready to give the chairmanship of Public accounts committee to opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif.

The current government thinks that Shehbaz is a corrupt man so they cannot give responsibility of protection of milk to one cat. Imran Khan’s stance as chairman of PTI suits the stance but as a prime minister of Pakistan his stance is weak, because in his own cabinet there are some ministers which are facing corruption allegations and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is interrogating them.

From many years the chairmanship of Public accounts committee was headed by opposition leader and it has become a tradition. The importance of Public accounts committee and Parliament will become useless if Imran Khan appoints someone else chairman of Public Accounts Committee instead of opposition leader. The PTI government has least majority in National Assembly and it would be difficult for them to do the legislation in the tense political environment.

The ministers of current government also thinks that they have to run the parliament with intellectual mind, if Parliament fails, the government will also come to an end. One minister told me that the statements of NAB for Shehbaz Sharif are same as the government ministers think and the strong possibility is court will sentence Shehbaz Sharif and his story will come to an end, so there is no excuse to nominate Shehbaz as Chairman of Public accounts committee.

There is a strong possibility behind the sophistication in a statement of Minister and there is no surety that he will not take back his statement. So, therefore the majority of ministers is backing Imran’s statement that Shehbaz should not be made chairman of public accounts committee.

Imran Khan is thinking right as chairman of PTI but he should think as prime minister of Pakistan. If Afghan Taliban and America can sit together for negotiations so what’s the problem for Taliban Khan and opposition to work together?