Shoukat Zardari

The nature and quality of private sector activities is the major determinant of the overall economic development of a country while the role of private sector is led by its representative trade bodies. Being the representative of private sector FPCCI is responsible for economic policies and development of the country. Unfortunately, this apex body does not play an effective role in economic progress and policies of the country including taxation reforms, efforts for doing ease business, enhancing exports, participation in CPEC, attracting FDI, signing FTAs and economic agreements with EU, WTO, World Bank, IMF etc. Since last year it is passing through a steep and rapid deterioration and facing embarrassing situations which can be observed by finding high plagiarism in its documents and press releases, quality and nature of its current activities, and the language in circulars and official correspondence and presentations. These are the causes that image of FPCCI has been badly astonished in media, policy making institutions, think tanks and academic circles. The incompetent and non-qualified staff on the key positions in the secretariat of FPCCI is mainly responsible for this embarrassing situation. It has been found that at least 5 persons who are working at the key positions in FPCCI’ secretariat do not have proper and required qualification and they submitted their fabricated CVs which portrait their fake qualifications. Either they have not submitted their degrees which have been mentioned in their CVs or their degrees are fake. These employees do not have any experience to serve at relevant senior positions. Initially they have been appointed at clerical positions in FPCCI and suddenly promoted on the bases of their fake qualifications and patronage of the present leadership. Through their cartelization to protect each other they do not allow any change or progress in FPCCI. These persons have been getting attractive benefits and salaries and hold entire operation and assets of FPCCI. They have been appointed and promoted by the incompetent and less qualified leadership of trade organizations because of their vested interests. The leadership protects these staff to use them for controlling over the Electoral College and member bodies’ affairs. Surprisingly, DGTO who is responsible to look after the trade bodies’ affairs and their role in the economy has no positive role. Though it is a legal requirement for the trade bodies to submit a 3 years plan to DGTO to explain their substantial role in the economic progress of country but it is a formality only and DGTO does not check the compliance or implementation of these plans. For the effective role of FPCCI in the economic policies and bring this important organization at par of its counterparts in neighboring countries it is necessary to conduct an investigation by an external agency and their appointment should be considered as null and void since their date of joining. They have embarrassed and damaged the honor and role of an apex body so after initial findings their cases should be referred to FIA for recovery of the monetary benefits they have withdrawn illegally.