Shoukat Zardari
Journalist, USA

Pakistan Peoples Party President Asif Ali Zardari after a long spell of ups and downs is again seen confident and putting his opponents in a worried situation on the political scene of Pakistan. The widower of former premier Benazir Bhutto, who has always remained a best media topic for corruption and major allegations is once again getting closer to strike an upcoming power corridors deal in the country.

Many people may be shocked or may not believe it but situation in the region is once again going to favor Pakistan’s most patient politician and internationally accepted face of Pakistan.

Mian Nawaz Sharif was never liked in the west being short tempered and labeled as the extremist Sunni leader of the country. His popularity has further seen a huge decline not only because of Panama Papers but also for favoring family members and ignoring the other senior party leaders. Sharif Family it self is in war for shifting party leadership from big brother to younger one, which also shows some signs of Pindi babu’s hidden infiltration in party.

CPEC is neither a peace of cake for Pakistan to get benefits easily from it, nor a digestible product for anti China powers in the world. So Pakistan in this case have some choices to make. The establishment is trying to bring some anti Zardari forces to make it a tough but entertaining political show for common man, but decades old anti PPP establishment in the upcoming world scenario only finds Zardari as the best choice.

This choice is neither a reason of any deal nor on any international pressure but purely on the merit of political intellect of this man.

Most of PPP’s self exiled leaders are packing up to come back to Pakistan ┬ábefore the end of December and some have already paid token visits in last month. The free moment of people under allegations in the past proves that the dirty files against PPP leadership will soon be kept back in cold storage.

Lets make it not confusing for readers as the current situation in Sindh might not attract them or fall of Bhutto’s party may make them think the other way but Bilawal’s continuous electioneering work in the field and Zardari’s meetings with Punjabs electables are one of the most important indications of the future game plan.

It does not exclude the existance of Imran Khan on the political field but he might be given a limited share in the coming scenario because of his idealistic approach of correcting things. Movers and shakers of the state have closely analyzed the profiles of the current favorite political figures and they are certain on the need of Asif Zardari as the political face of Pakistan’s establishment in the future.

let me also disclose that the idea of technocrats setup or establishment imposed form of government will not be accepted by major world powers and it can be used as tool to sabotage Pakistan China Economic corridor on the name of freedom and fake democracy in Pakistan so after watching all cards on the table and current power rift in the region makes things comfortable for Asif Ali Zardari.