KARACHI: A groom was beaten up by his in-laws who gatecrashed in formers clandestine marriage bid in Nazimabad neighbourhood of the metropolis on Monday.

As per details, the incident took place in the jurisdiction of Taimooria police station situated at L block of the Nazimabad.

The tortured groom registered a case into the matter.

According to police, both of the parties have been told to approach the civil court as they have no legal right to keep the groom into the custody.

However, the groom was injured and wanted to initiate legal action against his in-laws, hence, he has been sent to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital to obtain the medico-legal certificate, the police added.

The told the press about the incident, saying: The attackers were the relatives of his first wife whom he had separated a few days ago. I will send a legal notice and my lawyer will speak to them.

On the other hand, the woman claimed that her husband had already contracted a secret second marriage as well in 2018 and now the latter was caught contracting the third in a similar manner.

I came to know about my husbands second marriage in 2018, when the girl messaged me, telling me that she is his second wife, the woman said.

He, however, had dismissed the matter stating that the other woman was a fool out of her, she added.

She further said that he left the home by saying that he is going to Hyderabad but was found contracting a marriage, she further added.

He is a fraud, the woman alleged.

It is pertinent to mention here that under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961, written permission is required from the first wife before contracting a second marriage.